Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, another year has come upon us and I can't help but say I'm glad. The past year has been a good one for me in that it has been a year of healing after a difficult 3 years. I've been blessed and graced with good health, the best friends and lots of laughter - not to mention the absolute joy of Ella in my life. Great work, satisfying projects, the warmth of my own home - all have granted me a profound sense of gratitude.

The year ahead will, no doubt, have many new challenges - starting with a new client whose product has to be ready for market by June!!! However, I know the drill, the product and the value of what they are bringing to market so I have confidence in their (and my) ability to deliver.

Also up: Travel - Hopefully to Asia, but, if not, then to Europe. All things considered, I've been doing lots of running around domestically, but I need the stimulation of other cultures to feel that I have the right to consider myself a part of the world

My New Years Resolutions: More meditation, more teaching, more exercise, back to the pool, more patience, more organization, more listening and less talking.

My Thanks: First and foremost to this city and the people (many of whom are real friends) who inhabit it. Once again, it's borne me up, let me ride on its shoulders and charmed me with its many distractions. The diversity of its streets and neighborhoods and its wealth of culture has served me with its sacredness and reminded me that I am a part of the greatest and best place in the world. I am humbled and grateful to god and the fates for allowing me to be here. I wish all of you and all of those I love, a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year! Let your star guide you - just be sure to give it a hand!
Ella & her star