Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a week of interviews

...not for jobs - those seem to be in very short supply. I am writing a new feature for the Knitty City website, www.knittycity.com. It's a monthly profile of fiber artists entitled, A Fiberous Life. Pearl Chin suggests some subjects , I suggest some, the knitters suggest some and, all in all, we hope to gather at least a dozen and get them up every month - mid month. The focus will not just be on knitters. We'll try and concentrate on a variety of fiber fanatics. Given the enthusiasm of people on the subject and the degree of involvement, we think we will have a lot of grist for the mill.

Last week, I met Sabrina Gschwandtner, (www.knitknit.net) who appeared at Knitty City, in February,to publicize the audio version of her book, "Knit/Knit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting’s New Wave” (Stewart Tabori & Chang, 2007)", which was done for Knitting out Loud (www.knittingoutloud.com).

I visited her at the Museum of Art & Design where she is currently an artist in residence ( She's doing an inspired project, utlizing 16 mm. film, from FIT, and machine quilting it. You can visit her there on Thursdays, 2-5; 6-9, during their open studio hours. She will be appearing until late April.

If you haven't been to the Museum at its new "home", don't hesitate. It's filled with light, and all good things. The new gift shop is terrific and you owe yourself a trip there - Take a peek at www.madmuseum.org and check out the schedule and the blog.

Today, I went to Brooklyn and met up with Jared Flood, the designer, photographer and writer (www.brooklyntweed.blogspot.com) . His profile will be put up in April, but, with a little luck I'll start writing it today - before I lose the energy that I found while listening to him and having an early lunch at a neat coffee place in Greenpoint. It took 3 trains to get there and each one was "waiting" for me as I arrived in the station. I count that as serendipity of the best kind. Jared spoke about his philosophy that a blog must be focused and instructive on its chosen subject. As a person who tends to segue right, left and over the line, in my driving as well as my writing and talking, I found myself finding fault with my wandering ways. It's just that my chosen subject is so large - knitting AND New York and there's so much to say and to discover!

Hopefully, we'll discover it together, and in the meantime, check out the new offering on Knitty city, the class list and upcoming events. Spring is a great time to knit - you can do it outdoors now!


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