Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Eastern Shore Bunny

One of my favorite line of children's patterns is done by Roo Designs ( I am making one of the rabbit designs to celebrate not only Ella's 2nd birthday, but also the advent of Spring. Ella's mom (Nina) for whom the Nina Shawl was designed - go ahead and google that one - is very active in local Baltimore civic happenings. Every year the Downtown Baltimore Alliance sponsors a number of events for families and one of them is their annual Easter Egg Hunt. We figured Ella needed to look the part - hence the Rabbit Sweater:

I cannot recommend this sweet line enough. True, any experienced knitter can simply chart out a design on one of their favorite pullovers. That's beside the point. There's something so easy about having it on a little four sided piece which you can easily whip out when people ask you what you are working on. The various designs come in a variety of yarn weights. .

Another sure fire kid's line of patterns is featured in Amy Bahrt's book, "Creature Comforts". You cannot miss with any one of her designs, either. I made the giraffe blanket for a new little boy in Ella's life and I must say that it was the hit of the crib set.

Check out this book and the Roo patterns at Knitty City. I work for Pearl (most happily) and recommend the store wholeheartedly. ( for information and updates). If you love it as much as many of us, you might even consider joining the Ravelry group that is comprised of over 300 happy yarnies.


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