Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh How I Love to Get Up in the Morning!

Well, love may be a bit of a stretch, but I do look forward to being a part of any day that has knitting and knitters in it - and last Saturday was no exception. The event honoring Knitting Out of Africa: Inspired Sweater Designs, took place at Knitty City, my favorite knit store in NYC. It was a big success due to the attendance of three guiding lights in the world of knitting, crochet and quilting: Sahara Briscoe, Willena Nanton & Dawn Nellis. Each of them shared their work and knowledge and made Saturday a day to be treasured - and captured as you can l see from the following photos:
Pictured left to right are Willena, President of the Crochet Guild of New York, Sahara Briscoe (aka blogger Sistah Craft), and Dawn Nellis, Quilt Specialist and Fiber Artist. These three women formed the nucleus of our workshops and they drew the attention and appreciation of a store filled with people and customers - all eager for inspiration and technique. I took a lot of pictures,but unfortunately the lighting was not what i would have liked. Think it's time I read the manual that came with the camera ?

I wish you could have been there since these pictures can't hold a candle to the enjoymnet (and enlightenment) experienced by all. Knitty City will be hosting more events (check out our calendar for the 3/l6/06 event), but my sense is that this will go down in my memory as one of my favorites. Thank you, again, to all who came and made it a great day!


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