Monday, March 27, 2006

In like a lion, out like a lamb...

...or so the saying goes. There's nothing about the mid-way point, however, and it was at that point that I developed the cold from another planet. It took l0 days to shake and the memory still lingers, but finally i am back to whatever passes for normal around my house.

I'm still slogging away on my hanne falkenberg jacket - the arms on size 2 needles, but I have taken up a few other projects to keep me from getting bored. I have started to crochet more. It goes so quickly and there's a lot of fun in it. You can whip something up so fast and it's well worth the time and yarn involved. I made a wonderful little scarf for my youngest daughter after I attended a party for the new Debbie Stoller book, Happy Hooker, which I bought. I started the scarf that night, using some old Morehouse Merino yarn (don't you feel ever so clever when you use up old yarn and get a neat new item?) If I can help it, I never pay retail, but I did for this since meeting her was a hoot, the value is great and it's fun to have something signed once in a while. Here's a shot of a window on 5th Ave. It's from Bendel's and it shows just how hot crochet is right now. Check out the afghan on the couch!

Spring is trying its darndest to get sprung in New York, and here is some proof. I took this in Union Square Park the other day. The daffodils are beginning to poke up and the one that was in full flower was occupied already by a photgrapher determined to catch it's full throated glory. Nonetheless, I managed to catch a little azaela on the brink! It's so valiant and the weather is still pretty grey - but in another few weeks, it will be joined by some others.

These other pictures are from a walk Richard (aka Magellan the wanderer) took when we were up in Ct. the other weekend. The day was beautiful and as much as I love to knit, I couldn't bear to sit inside, so we climbed a mountain - ok, it was really a steep hill and there was hot coffee waiting for me on the other side --but it felt like a mountain, OK?

Back soon with some more pictures of finished items, I hope. oh by the way, for any of my new york knitters who are in town next thursday, april 6. pls. be sure to stop by the new knitting store, Knitty City, 208 w. 79th st., from 6-8 pm. Pearl Chin, a client and a good friend, is hosting a book signing for the world-famous Maason Dixon women. Their new book, Mason Dixon knitting is an ode to the craft and art of knitting - and to their friendship. I would say as much even if they hadn't included my pattern for a Provence inspired shawl - the lovely Nina - in their wonderful book. Kay, an upper west side woman and confessed Rowan Denim addict, will be there along with Ann Shayne - her co-author and fair isle fanatic.
I'll be there, too. I'm even dragging along Nina - the shawl - not the daughter for whom it is named. Wait til you see what I cook up in the name of my other daughter - Alex!!!


Anonymous Kay said...

So glad you're bringing Nina on Thursday! Can't wait, love, Kay

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