Monday, March 09, 2009

The Bunny is in the house!

Here's a picture of the finished bunny sweater - in colors that please Ella's mom - and, hopefully, Ella.

I took it, along with an assortment of presents, to Baltimore this weekend, where I visited with the birthday girl and her parents and grandparents. Before I left on Sunday, Ella and her dad met up for a game of touch football. As soon as she gets big enough to manage the ball, I'm sure she'll be in the game. For the moment, however, she has to content herself with being a mascot.
She does like to practice her running while on the sidelines. It's very sweet to witness.

After the "game", I drove back to NY and made a stop at my favorite store in the whole world: Trader Joe's. It's my idea of a good time these days. The only drawback is the horrendous crowds and lines - especially over the weekend. I understand there's a new one coming to 72nd and Broadway - a duplex! I hope they give Fairway a good run for their money - they could use the competition. It's interesting to me that despite the fact that TJ's is much smaller and has to stock all day long, they manage to do it with grace - unlike the Fairway store. It really proves that nothing beats training a staff well.


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