Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quilting and Me

I have always wanted to quilt, but It's a bit terrifying to even contemplate. First of all, I already have my hands filled, so to speak. In my case, it's with yarn and needles and patterns - normally, at least 3 or 4 things going on at once. Secondly, I tend to fall in love too easily. While I love all forms of fiber and indulge frequently, I can be washed away in a moment when it comes to foulard prints, provencal colors, japanese fabrics and just about anything with words or letters on it. I bought a sewing machine and left it in the box for 2 years rather than begin the fabric feast. I knew that fabric would become what yarn has always been - a really big obsession.

So when I got an invite to the Empire Quilter's Guild biannual quilt show, I thought I'd go and live vicariously. We all know where this is heading, right? Right! Take a look at my newest inspiration - the selvage quilt:

While at the show, I met a neat woman named Karen Griska, who has made some incredible selvage quilts - which are easy to do, (she swears!), and long on impact. Go to Karen's blog:( and see what she has to say - and contribute - to this incredible art form. I am already beginning to think of who to tap into in order to get some selvages of my own. If I start small, perhaps I won't get carried away?


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I saw that you put together the Portland Yarn Crawl recently while doing some research for the site I co-founded, Knitmap ( We were thinking of running something similar and wanted to know if there was any interest from Portland Yarn Crawl in any kind of partnership.

Knitmap, based in Portland, has been online for a few years now, and catalogs yarn stores across the world. We also have a great Yarn Crawl feature that lets you build your own crawls.

Thanks for your time,

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