Wednesday, August 24, 2005


When I was very young - quite some time ago - I had a good rule. Never start a new project until you have finished the previous one . When I say finished, I mean it! I made sure it was washed, blocked, folded or given away. Only then, did I go on to the next. I have no idea when this rule went out the window. It happened slowly. First it was two projects going simultaneously. One for the intense knitting. One for knitting in transit. Somewhere along the line, however, it began to snowball, and like all addicts, I was not aware of my descent into madness until, one day, it was too late, and I was working on a host of projects - one for each floor of my house, and for my tote bag and for the car and, well, you get the idea.

"Late" was the day that I looked up and realized that I had 2 rooms filled with yarn for projects that were supposed to happen, were in the middle of happening and were bound (or intended) to happen. I have patterns and books to match and all the best intentions in the world. What I don't have is time enough and, truth be told, will enough to accomplish it all. So I have begun to destash. It's happening very slowly. I am sending singles and some almost complete skeins to teaching pals, knitting addicts and those who ask. No books, however -- I'm not that "healthy" yet. If you are interested , pls. write me and let me know your address and/or needs. I'll be happy to send whatever I don't need to you - at my expense. The only rule I have is that you must knit with it. If I can't accommodate you, believe me, I'll write back. Just be sure to include your email address since I have not been able to obtain email addresses from those who respond directly to my blog - it comes up as "anonymous".

Happy Knitting - and Happy end of Summer! I have had it with the heat in NY and am anxiously awaiting a long and relatively cool Fall!