Monday, May 29, 2006

Here I am --again!

Considering my abyssmal track record as a blogger, I am pleased to be back on site. Besides, a dear blogger friend of mine asked to see my wools (from Portland) and I finished the baby sweater, so here I am.

First, the finished object:
This is for my husband's niece who is about to have her second baby - first son. I found the wool about 2 years ago - in Italy. It's a soft blue with a little white fleck. This pattern is a result of my having a talk with myself about my reliance on patterns. I tend to follow them slavishly. Very silly when you think that I've been knitting since I was 8 years old. I'm constantly challenging myself to use my common sense and stop relying on some dumb pattern. So I did here. I just took a basic pattern - cast on the correct number of suggestged stitches and then had my way with it. It's nothing novel but it's a step in the right direction of self-trust.

On Memorial Day weekend, I decided to attend a few local memorial day parades. We have a little house in Ct. about 45 mins. from the Berkshires. Considering it's only 2 hrs. from Manhattan, it's remarkably countrified. Lots of local farms and lovely old houses. I never attend the annual parades - not being much of a parade type. It seems as if everyone knows everyone else and I just tend to wander and look and listen. I'm not much of a joiner. but this year, I decided I wanted to look at small town patriotism - up close. So I went to 2 parades! Here are some pictures of what the Northeast (and Northwest Ct.) does to celebrate Memorial Day.

Here are some pictures of a few of my recent yarn finds. These are brands I can't get here. Both are currently only available in Portland Oregon. One is dyed and marketed by a local weaver who has an eye for fiber and color that is beyond beautiful. I fell so in love with her materials that I tracked her down and inviited her to visit us here in NY. She's coming! and I'm thrilled. Needless to say, there's lots for her to see and wait til some of my knitterly friends see her - and her wonderful fibers!

Take a look:

Finally, here's something that I just fell in love with. They are a pair of crocheted gloves - I don't know how old or new - I found them in an antique store in Bend, Oregon. They are fillet crochet - and two toned! I love them enough to frame them - and I will - in a shadow box. I collect small samples of things that are dear to my heart and this one qualifies!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I didn't pass away ---but I did go away

It's been a long time, I know, and while no one is wagging their finger, I feel remorse (guilt) at not having updated before this. Nonetheless, I have 3 clients, a life and a daughter who just graduated from college - so I've been busy working, runnnig around and visiting Portland Oregon where my youngest is now living after graduating last Monday.

First, here's an update on my sweet lamb friend, Mae. She had her first lamb this year, but since Mae was way too young the lamb didn't make it. Nonetheless, she seems fine and there is a veritable wealth of new lambs in the flock at my friend's home in Ct. Take a look at the pictures and notice the experienced moms who protect their babies from the two legged camera wielding suspects who turn up on the farm. The small donkey is a dear and patient female who seems to function as a good surrogate mom and patient presence.

A few weeks after these were taken, we headed to Portland for the graduation and a littel trip. After 3 days in Portland, one of my favorite cities in the Pacific Northwest and a thoroughly wonderful time with my pal Sharon who owns Lantern Moon along with her husband and partner, we took off for Bend Oregon. The countryside is beautiful and in the shadow of Mt. Hood (no real shadow since the weather was glorious) I explored not only the lava fields but also all the yarn and knitting and antique shops I could set my sites on. Here's a picture of Mt. Hood - a beautiful back drop.

While in Portland, I visited a wonderful shop called Knit/Purl. ( The owner has developed a great line of yarns and patterns so I stocked up. It was a case of coals to Newcastle but this was not yarn I can find on the East Coast so it was not a waste. In addition, I spent some quality time at a place called the Button Emporium ( Wonderful stuff!

We have an embarassment of riches here in NY and I am eternally grateful for our vast selection, but what is it about shopping in another city that makes everything seem so new and fun to discover?

What's on the needles you ask? A wonderful shawl made of silk and knitted in a grass green - picture to come as soon as I find the right flowers to decorate it with - maybe i'll make them. A neat little baby sweater for a new boy expected in my husband's family next month, a wonderful new shawl from Candace Eisner Strick ( and the sweater I started for myself before I left - oh, and a little baby hat to match the baby sweater. Now do you understand why I don't write more often? . I'll try and get some pictures of these projects up before the weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot - in between the above two sojourns, I was in San Francisco for a trade show and I managed to squeeze in an afternoon with my 3 year old nephew - here's a picture of him with his first banana split - celebrating our time together.