Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Gates

I know, I know, still no pictures. I swear to the god and goddess of fiber that this week i will post pictures of Barbie clothes, the gates and my 7 month old nephew who is almost as cute (ok, he's AS cute) as my kids were at his age.
We must blame my husband, Richard, who has a great digital camera that i can connect to my computer but who has lost the how-to book that I need to consult so i can figure out how to connect it. (i know, I could go on the internet and figure it out, but at the end of the day, i am a tat techno-phobic. ) How about this? tonight when i can't sleep, I'll get up in the middle of the night and figure it out instead of ordering more yarn on line)

I am currently working on my first project that incorporates beads. It's a little fichu and it is from the book, Scarf Style by Pam Allen (look here:
it's an amazing book, filled with great patterns and ideas and most of them allow you to use wool from a well formed stash so it's one of those win/win situations where you feel virtuous for being thrify and clever and have something to show for it at the end of a few hours of knitting.

The gates are a study in tranquil harmony. My in-laws went up to 106th street yesterday and traversed the rugged terrain around the Harlem Meer which, they said,was beautiful. Today we started out right behind Met and walked over to the west side and went by Belvedere Castle and the Obelisk (along the way). The sound generated by the wind against the saffron curtains was akin to the sound of the surf on a calm day at the beach. When they waved in unison it was as if a lovely line of Monks were bowing to the universe and reminding us of the beauty in harmony. It was matched by the joy on the faces of the people and the excitement in the antics of the dogs - many of whom were outfitted in knitted little suits or parkas. I love this city so much and I am so honored that Christo, et al, chose the Park for this display of good will and appropriate art.

I fully intend to take a tour of Central Park - i understand that that paid tour is well worth it, and like most New Yorkers, I don't know nearly enough about the Park. I wonder if they do it during the winter. I'll let you know.

It's supposed to snow here tonight. If so, I will go back and look at the gates in that state. I can't imagine how beautiful it will be covered with 3 or 4 inches of snow.


Anonymous Shirra said...

I so want to see the gates in the snow, but we are in Brooklyn and I don't think the family wants to see them again, snowy or otherwise. I couldn't get over them last weekend. Even with the park so crowded, the Gates made the whole place peaceful - I guess you hit it on the head with the monk image. Is it Buddhist monks who wear similar color robes?

9:45 AM  
Blogger alltangledup said...

In NY you have the gates. Simply gorgeous. In london we have a gazillion 'Back the bid' Olympic banners... and the dread that if London does get the Olympic bid in 2012, the trasport system will not really be able to support it without a major overhaul.

2:54 PM  
Blogger benedetta said...

Phyllis, I just saw the bag you made for baby Jamie! just wonderful! so lovely and cheerful and very sophisticated!

11:35 AM  

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