Monday, January 03, 2005

Off to a good start

Oh how I love to get up in the morning! - but not at 4:30. That, however, is my lot in life since i tend to suffer from a bit of insomnia. The only good thing about insomnia is that I have knitting to attend to - and one of my projects is better than 10 mgs. of ambien, anyday.

I have just finished my beautiful nephew's sweater for his 2nd birthday - picture coming by the end of the week. I have now used the incredible raglan sweater pattern twice: once for the tallest person I know and once for the smallest and the wonderful thing comes out right every time. If you want to thoroughly enjoy knitting and be successful at it too - not always doable for even the most experienced knitters in the crowd - then take a look at this pattern:
it takes a little bit of math - but even I, the old count on your fingers type, can figure this out without a calculator - and I guarantee you success. I did it in a beautiful shade of denim blue in odyssey by reynolds - a scrumptious yarn that knits up soft and sweet - just like its chubby recipient. I now have 3 more projects going simultaneously - and to think that I used to ration myself and only allow myself to start a new one when I had completely finished an old one. Silly, phylly as my youngest daughter likes to say. I finally gave into my harmless obsession with all things fiber related and gave free rein to my insanity. Other projects in th queue: trigger mittens (one down, one to go), a moebius circle (black and gold lame), a beautiful greenish shawl and one gorgeous flower. Pictures coming, I promise, but the incredible raglan got me so jazzed that I just had to talk about it.
I'll be back, I promise!


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