Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy Beginnings!

I really love this little in-between week during the Holiday Season. After the 25th, there is a little reprieve until the 31st. I tend to spend the time cleaning out closets, exploring the streets of my favorite city and knitting. OK, the only "new" thing in that list is the bit about cleaning out the closets.

I am really determined to plan ahead this year, so I have already started my New Year knitting, and, as usual, I have a few things on the needles simultaneously. One of my favorite new yarns is Odyssey by Reynolds. It's 100% merino, soft as the proverbial cloud and it comes in some lovely colors. I am making a pullover for my 2 yr. old nephew in denim blue - to match his eyes. I am making a red/white stocking cap for my husband's 6 month old nephew and I am making myself some trigger mittens (just ask and if you don't know, I'll tell you) for myself. Sufficeth it to say, they use them during hunting season in Maine.

My pre-Christmas wanderings found me down in Little Italy where I chanced upon this guy and asked him to lunch at Wong's, my favorite soup place in Chinatown. He said he was a tat busy, but offered to take me for a ride on New Year's Day when things had calmed down a bit. He's such a romantic! To paraphrase the old guy himself, Happy New Year to all & to all a good year!


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