Thursday, December 09, 2004

I feel so guilty!!!!

I know, I know - guilt is useless, and besides, no one is reading this anyway. Nonetheless, I feel very sad that I have fallen down on my daily rituals. Blame it on the work. By the time I drag my weary body back to my house, I barely have time for a quick chinese meal and knitting a scarf or two, before I have to turn around and go to bed.
I have managed to squeeze a little knitting in, and, yes, a little shopping (tis the season for sample sales), and a visit or two with old pals, but there's no doubt that i have fallen down on the job. So, to the 3 or 4 stalwart souls (2 of whom are my daughters)who read this, forgive me. I'll knit you a blog.

There's something in the air this year. I don't know if it's Christmas in New York, or just rank determination, but our city is feeling downright festive. There's a Christmas mart set up in Bryant Park - right across from the office - and another one set up in Grand Central and it won't be too long before Patience and Fortitude (my favorite lions) are sporting their Wreath necklaces. The weather is mild enough to walk around in a cape or sweater and New York has never been filled with more tourists. All in all, the city feels like it's on a holiday - and the feeling is good.

If you're headed this way (and you know who YOU are), give me a call and we'll hang out a bit. We'll drink hot chocolate and go skating at Wolman Rink. We'll go to see the tree at the Met and drop by Rockefeller Center. We'll go visit the windows at Lord & Taylor (this year is a Homage to the festive Postal Service stamps of yesteryear and today) and go visit Santa. Oh, I'm getting so merry, I think I'll go take pictures at Lunch time. Wait right here, I promise to return very quickly with photos of New York, the Christmas City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I for one missed you! And I'm sure Patience & Fortitude did, too.

Me, I'm shopping online. Less festive, but less tiring. I'll hit the Christmas Market for ME. (Meet you there at lunchtime?)

xoxooxxo Kay

1:55 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Thank you for your wonderful visions of NY. My husband and I share a passion for the city and visit it a few times of year. We plan to retire to NYC in 10 years and I can't wait! (Why move to FL and have a lawnmower and car!?) To round out the Holiday Spirit Fest I would have to go to Little Italy and buy stuff that my hips will hate me for at a bakery and have lunch in Chinatown. The lights and color red that is everywhere always seems so festive to me. Of course, I would have a cup of sweet and sour soup and an eggroll to warm my body and soul! Then on to Pearl River and Canal Street to finish my Christmas shopping. And to finish the day, I would get an Egg Nog Latte at the Starbucks near Rockefeller Plaza and watch the ice skaters. Sigh!! I wish I was there, too. Thanks again.

7:09 PM  

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