Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Off to TNNA

It's a dream work assignment for me- I'm off to TNNA - the national nneedeedlework association show. I have a free-lance assignment and I need to attend. You bet I need to - they didn't have to ask me twice! I'm working with a neat group of people on a neat assignment and I'm in the heart of my favorite category - knitting! The fact that it's in California doesn't hurt - either. The cold here would give a eskimo frost-bite, but that's all the damning comments you'll hear from me about NY.

I've been writing, knitting - trying out Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's book using Nature Wool. The patterns are lovely, the styling is divine, but the accuracy leaves a little to the imagination. Not to worry, it's coming along. Hopefully, by the time I'm back (lord willing) i'll have a few more projects to show off.

Two very well known friends have just finished 2 days of shooting incredible photos of incredible knitware at my house. They were kind enough to give many compliments about our house details, but the truth is, the knitted goods made the house look good. The sheer volume of beautiful work - baby blankets, quilts, nighties (you name it, they knitted it) - is enough to make me feel like i've been asleep in the corner for the past 3 months. I think I'll pack an extra project or two.

Look here for breaking news about their upcoming debut - but I won't steal their thunder and I want them to go first with the details.
I think I'll pack my trusty antique digital camera to take a shot or two in sunny california, so look here for interesting stuff.

Speak to you next week, I hope.


Anonymous Sue said...

Hi Phyllis,

I'm starting your Nina Shawl & I have a question. With the longtail caston, do you start with a knit row or a purl row.


12:24 PM  

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