Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Five glorious days, surrounded by yarns of every conceivable weight, color and texture, designers, published books, knitting and fiber fanatics, retailers, and an assortment of thoroughly enjoyable people! I am blessed beyond belief to have such a passion and an interest.

Of course, I spent 4 days indoors (not that I'm complaining) so the lovely weather of southern california was completely lost on me. I didn't really mind. My days were filled with fibers and new discoveries and my nights were filled with company, good food and wine. I have a divine high profile publishing client whose name it is a pleasure to represent and whose employees exhibit generosity of spirit and kindness in their inclusion of me.

Yarn samples are the order of the day as is generosity and i brought plenty home with me. I met women liked Nicky Epstein - as lovely as she is talented - and generous with information and enthusiasm. Melissa Leapman who complimented me on one of the jackets I was wearing - her design - so of course, it was beautiful.
Cat Borghi, who wrote Socks Soar on Two Needles and A treasury of Magical Knitting - who was there to promote her newest book: A second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

I bought sample knits and yarns, got patterns and recommitted myself to finding a way to stay in this community forever. The one thing that continued to strike me was the feeling of camaraderie and great comfort. I worked the booth for my client who is introducing a new trade magazine and the volume of interest was complete and satisfying. The other thing that I was struck by was the fact that the women were all "like me". It didn't matter whether they were yarn company owners, retailers, designers, teachers, publishers or whatever - their enjoyment and their passion fueled every step and bubbled over like water in a fountain.

I am posting pictures of my finds and buys later on - and i will include links (if possible) but I wanted to get this written and off my computer as soon as I could. I am still organizing and re-organizing notes and cards but my enthusiasm is high and my desire to explain it (and perhaps takes it down a notch or two so I can sleep) is strong. Pictures will definitly follow later today.
In the meantime, pls. knit - and think only positive thoughts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Travelogue, please! Photos! I so wish I could have seen it all.


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