Thursday, October 28, 2004

Warm is Good

My husband says I never met a baby I didn't like - or think was beautiful. It's true, I happpily plead guilty. My late mom used to cry whenever she saw a new baby, and I'd always ask her why. "Because they're so brave", she'd say. She never explained more than that, but I think she might have meant that just to be born can be an act of faith - especially in world that is often cold. That's why it's important to help warm them as they make their way into the world we have created.

So, here comes the plug: An organization that I recently became aware of is It is a group of volunteer knitters who make basic warm clothing for infants and children on reservations (in the US), and in the orphanages of Eastern Europe. I'll let you go visit their site to find the details. I am also trying to help them out a little by asking everyone to consider making donations of unused wool directly to their headquarters in Colorado. The address is posted on their site. Since my stash is now running into two rooms, I figure it's time I stopped stroking and started mailing. They are looking for any pure wool or cotton yarn for their volunteer knitters. The need is especially strong since lots of these kids don't even have hot water, let alone heat. They can't use acrylic yarn since the washing conditions are very primitive., but they can sure use contributions of unused wool and cottons. The cotton is to make baby caps for infants. I am pretty sure they would love any "made" items as well, provided they fit the criteria for content. They even take small quantities of wool and cotton so nothing will go to waste. Please help them out by seeing what you can do. And, if you have any ideas regarding yarn companies that can be approached, do write and let me know. It's easy for me to ask for something as worthwhile as this. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the warmwoolies link. I remember a time when an organization gave me a crocheted blanket which had been made by a volunteer for my soon to be born son. Now it's my turn to give.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Sign me up for yarn donation. It seems it time we meet (SOON! NEXT WEEK?) you can bring me the address.

I was as touched by Lynda's comment as by the post, which is one of the bonus surprises of blogging, isn't it? Your mom also hit the nail on the head. Newborns ARE brave---they don't have a choice, but that doesn't make them any less brave! xoxoxo Kay

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