Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fall Bounty - union square


Blogger alltangledup said...

now you've gone and done it... made me homesick. My family used to always go upstate to pick apples in the autumn.... and I had an auntie that always embarassingly tried to steal one of 2. Of course, it really didn't matter when you considered that we usually ended up bringing back about 5 bushels of apples to share with everyone that we knew...eventhough these people used to go up on their own apple picking trips

5:19 PM  
Blogger Kathen said...

Makes me happy:Beautiful weather for tossing around a football on someone's lawn (preferably with permission!). Up here in my part of Canada, any day in October without snow is a big bonus, and lovely ones like we had today are rare. If Hallowe'en is nice, it will likely blizzard on Nov. 2.
Also makes me happy: knitting something very personalized. Not necessarily my own design, since even when I try, the result is always different than the prototype. Hee hee! I'm like that with the blog, too, always dinking around with stuff. I am on a "blog-style-change diet" now, since it's cutting in on my knitting time too much.
IMHO, your blog is great so far, keep up the good work, if you have any more problems, do what I do and ask a teenager. Lol. :)

9:24 PM  

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