Monday, October 25, 2004

Continuing the Quest for Happy

I have begun to receive answers to the happiness question. It's great to hear how joy-producing some of these things are: first cup of hot coffee, a new pattern, friends and a good meal, the Wednesday Food section of the New York Times (that one's mine), kids, gardens, good weather.
As many of my closest know, "happy" is a big issue for me right now since there are many unhappy things going in our world. Included in tomorrow's post (as soon as i can locate the picture in this mess called office) you will see a picture of something that has given me great happiness. I'm not sure exactly where it will pop up since i'm still learning how to navigate this thing, but I wanted everyone to see it.

Tonight, I had my bi-monthly knitting group here. Four of us get together (3 women, 1 out-numbered man) for chinese food, knitting, wine, boyfriend and husband talk and group therapy. We make the guy order the chinese food and at least once in the evening, we give him grief for being a typical guy, albeit one that knits. It works, but the knitting does tend to suffer. After a few glasses of wine, it's remarkable how many stitches get slipped. In the end, it's about the company and that's another thing that makes me happy.

I still remember the day I decided to do this shawl. The colors were such a departure from my usual every day fare of black and beige that it felt like I channeled it from some colorful spirit - and maybe I did. If so, it was a benevolent spirit. I have received so many compliments about it that I feel I should give credit to someone other than myself! My dear pal, Kay ( has even asked me for a copy of the pattern! If you knew Kay, you'd know that is a real compliment since she has wonderful taste and creates fabulous throws, knitted quilts and blankets - to name just a few of the things she turns out.


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