Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ms. Kitty

Toys - I love them - and I like knitting them almost as much as I love them. There's something about putting the little pieces together and seeing the personalities emerge - and it happens, i swear. Invariably I wind up hugging them. When I picture the person they are intended for, it makes me very happy to think of them laughing as a toy tumbles out of a box or a package. I made this for my pal's* first grand-daughter, Abigail. I gave it to her on the occasion of her brother's birth - I figured it might give her something to really squeeze when the going got a little tough. I found the pattern at a book sale. It was contained in an old better homes & garden book called "Gifts for Babies". It was the best dollar I spent that day. The whole thing took about 2 hours to knit and about an hour to make up - all from an existing stash of yarn. Win/Win. Another neat book I just love is Knit a Square & Make A Toy ( You can find it in the used books area, I bet. It's so funny to see what can be wrought from a plain old square.
*PS: my friend is a lot older than i am - and since she's not a knitter, I don't ever have to worry about her reading this and contradicting me - it's true, I swear!


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