Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Finished Project ---And a Great Model

It's been a while since I have posted. All my blogging pals have posted at least 10 times since I last wrote - I know since I read them all religously and am thankful that they are out there and doing a much better job that I am currently able to do. I feel badly but I feel relatively certain that all my would-be readers have full enough lives so that the loss hasn't been too great.

Sufficeth to say (I just love the word sufficeth - such a mouthful), I have been busy with a job, painters in the house and the organization of my home office - and stash. Nonetheless, I admit to being remiss and I throw myself on the mercy of my peers. I have been knitting and this little bolero is proof positive, but, like my blogging, I am woefully behind on finished objects.

Thank you, first, to Polly ( sending the gorgeous Kid Silk Haze in the divine shade of blue. This was the prize I received after winning her famous "Geek's Birthday Wish" contest. (I was shameless, but i really wanted that Kid Silk Haze - so I bribed the nice man with a promise of my fabulosa Carrot Cake recipe.) If anyone is as much as a carrot cake fan as my family is, let me know and I'll send it to you. I may be a tat shameless when it comes to Kid Silk Haze, but I'm very generous with my recipes. I fully intend to do the shawl suggested by the incredibly gifted Ms. Polly (it'in the Rowan Fall issue) just as soon as I finish the other 3 projects currently on the needles. The koigu are not done, but the sweater for my sweet 2 year old nephew is well on the way. I used Cascade 220's "Quatro" in a wonderful shade of blue and acqua - perfect for his blonde hair. I am also at work on a chanel type jacket for his mom which, hopefully,will be completed by early October - in time for San Francisco chill.

In the meantime, take a gander at the sweet little bolero that found a home. This gorgeous young woman --someone I work with -- could make anything look wonderful so I gave it to her - she does it proud, wouldn't you say? I keep on discovering that the more you love something, the more it is important to share it. Besides, it looks far better on her than it does on me.

Like Kay of Mason-Dixon fame ( attended the Stitches East conference last week. Swearing to buy no new yarn, I, of course, did exactly that along with some incredible merino batting. I am determined to knit something (a baby hat or two) out of unspun fiber but the batting is so beautiful that I am going to just stare at it for a while. It's like a wonderful nest.

Tomorrow I work at the Knit Out in Union Square. It's my 3rd year volunteering and my 5th year attending. Such fun, such excitement and the weather promises to be great - a real fall day in New York.

I'll send pictures and post - I promise


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Anonymous becca said...

it's good to hear from you again and see yet another beautiful finished project ... I have only completed one cabled scarf since the middle of summer ... so it is really fun to be inspired by other's work!

10:31 PM  
Blogger Mary deB said...

Great little sweater! I'll be waiting for the Knit Out post -- it sounds like a fine time!
Mary de B

1:58 AM  
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