Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Projects from the field, the subway and the lake

As promised, here are some shots of my summertime knitting. Immediately above, please see my version of Clapotis. I swore I wouldn't do this thing. I shrank from the repetitive quality of it. I said, 'Give me a break, I see them coming and going.' And I did. So much so, that I grew to really like the way it looked - no matter the material. Besides, I needed a "subway" project, and since I have a stash that threatens to move me out of house and home, I have access to a lot of raw material. So, to quote my favorite wise man, "In, I gave."

This is variation #333,333 (no doubt). Trust me, I have seen far prettier and far more luxurious, but this is my version, using some lovely discontinued yarn that bills itself as a wool boucle - and I think I'll hold on to it unless one of my daughters ask for it.

Next on the docket and above Clapotis: a little number from Scarf Style that I whipped up out of Imagine. This year's passion (for me) is all forms of red/orange/sienna/saffron. (The price goes up as the names become more sophisticated.) I highly recommend this pattern if you ever want an alternative to chinese water torture. Some of you (1 or 2) might remember this from my posting about being stuck on the side of the road. This was my companion knitting. The thing I worked on for a few hours while waiting for the tow trucks(s) to come to my rescue. It's finally done with - and none too soon. I was considering strangling myself with it due to the sheer boredom of the pattern. To jazz it up a bit, I decided to use a little black/gold material I got at fiber trends in san francisco. I am keeping this one, too. Come winter, it will look smashing wound around my neck 3 or 20 times, a la a clown's ruff. I've learned to love it much as one would a child that never moves out of the house - ever.

Above that is my second version of a simple lace scarf that I found on Knitty. I have now made it twice. This version is made with classic elite's lush - a lovely soft yarn that is half angora. It sheds almost as much as the rabbit that got rid of it to begin with. That one I think I'll give away! (I made its predecessor out of elsebeth lavold's silk and wool -and a lovely knitting time was had.)

So, enough with these scarves already. In first place, at the top, please see something "new" that I think I can really sink my needles into: Hanne Falkenberg's pattern, Mermaid. Don't look for it anytime soon. I have never done a Falkenberg before but I met a woman who has done over 20 of them and she said it was the most satisfying knitting she's ever done. We'll see - but I think it might be some time before you do. I'll keep you "posted".


Blogger Papergirl said...

Wow, your Clapotis is so perfect. I also succumbed to the Clapotis craze after listening to the Kate Gilbert interview on Knitcast, and now I'm working on a second attempt. (My first attempt was just wrong, wrong, wrong).

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Martha said...

I will wait patiently to see the finished Falkenberg jacket. I love that pattern. I am so tempted to buy a kit.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Kay said...

Bring on the Falkenberg. I am going to NAG you about it. I cannot wait to see it and hear how it goes. We MUST come up with a non-wool alternative! We must! xoxo Kay

5:48 PM  
Anonymous becca said...

everything is so beautiful ... but the Falkenberg is fabulous.

9:34 PM  

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