Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oh, if only I could show you!

Work has kept me hopping and my damn rechargeable batteries keep on losing their charge, so i can't post any pictures of all my finished articles. Oh - and there are so many: 2 clapotises (clapoti?), a baby sweater, a debby bliss little shrug and a jacket and all sorts of wonderful things. How unfortunate that I have not been able to capture all of this on film so I can "prove" how much I have accomplished - or is it fortunate? This way you can't see how long my nose is growing from all this lying It's true that I have all these projects going, but they're not ready for the camera, just yet!)

Nonetheless, they will be coming - and soon. Everything is 75% done - it's just that last 25% that bogs me down in boredom. (

The weather in NY is very un-springlike. Everywhere I go, all anyone can speak about is how cold and damp it is. I have decided to wage my own battle of denial by running all over Manhattan in a skirt and sandals - no socks for this chippy.

We're off to Ct. tomorrow. Did I mention that I've begun a rug? It's from this neat book, The Knitted Rug. I love this book, but then, again, I never met a knitting book for which i didn't feel some affection. Check this one out: For the Love of Knitting. If you can resist buying this, I'll wager that your impervious to temptation:

Have a great weekend. May the force of Knitting be with you!
(I'm so hokey, I know, but I can't wait to see it - though i'm not expecting great acting - just great special effects. Sounds a lot like my first high school boyfriend. )


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