Monday, May 09, 2005

My heart belongs to llama

or are they large alpacas? Someone out there will know. These lovely creatures were waiting for me, by the side of the road on Saturday, as I was driving through the countryside. They were so beautiful that I pulled over to take their picture. As soon as i exited the car - and while i was still way across the road - the big white llama (alpaca?) trotted over to the side of the fence and posed. There was no doubt about it - he gave me a perfect "Barrymore" profile. Clearly, this was no mere beast of burden - or fleece. This was a star. I have attended the photo sessions of far too many would-be actors to not recognize an ego - and a desire to shine.

As soon as his pals saw what was happening they raced down the hillside and flanked him on both sides. Clearly he was the alpha beast, however. When the shoot was over,I didn't know how to properly say thank you, so i bowed to them. They seemed to "get it", and they walked back up the hill - with great dignity I might add.

What's on the needles? The only thing i had a desire to make from the last issue of Interweave: The Debbie Bliss "Fiesta" Bolero. Coming along quite nicely, I might add, on a wonderful mercerized cotton. Picture to come.

What's next: I am dying to do the bear claw blanket that was in the last issue of Interweave, but I really wish to do it in cotton. I love working with Cotton -- especially sport or dk weight mercerized cotton. I am contemplating using Paton's Grace because the color selection is so divine and it knits up very well. Any thoughts? All much appreciated.

What happened to the side of the road scarf?: Only another 3 feet or so to go. At the end of the day, it really is a boring little number to do, but it is going to be quite lovely, when i finish it and crochet the edging on to it.

Speaking of crochet: I'm going to a MAKE workshop tonight ( for a crochet class for kids - It's ok, they told me. Only adults have signed up so far. And even if there are a few kids, I'll be right at home. I have always been a Single crochet kind of person, but there are some wonderful things being created these days and I want to get in touch with new ways of using this "old" craft.

I'll be reporting back soon.


Anonymous Shirra said...

Love the llamas/alpacas. What a roadside story! Good for you, though, not to be bullied. Power to the needles!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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