Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Look Back & a Recommendation

My b-in-law, Matt, is a very talented photographer. Here are some pictures he sent me to commemmorate our family day in the park. I've titled them accordingly. As you can see, his work surpasses mine. The baby is my great nephew (figuratively & literally) Ian, who had the best seat in town, as far as I could see. (Baby strollers today are basically thrones on wheels.) He's growing so fast that he's outgrown my fabulous wardrobe of hats (6 - but who was counting as I knitted them) and is now in the deer stalker mode. This hat was a needed accessory on that day as we were all a little tempest tossed. He's always been an observant baby and that day in the park he really got an eyefull. The woman passing through the gates, back to camera, is yours truly. You can tell since I'm toting my signature purse - an orange little number that gets more compliments on its attractiveness than I ever have received. I figured it was the perfect color coordinated day for it.

The Look Forward

If you're in town and get a chance and want to laugh for over 2 hours, go see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It stars John Lithgow and Norbert Leo Butz and is an accurate remake of the Michael Caine/Steve Martin movie. It is the best fun i have had in the theatre since I went to the movies with my first boyfriend in high school. It's opening formally on Friday. I don't care what Ben Brantley has to say - he can be a bit of a party-poop, you know - go see it if you can. It's a hoot and the cast is loving it, you can tell.


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