Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm in NY- again!

And darn glad, too. I don't see what all the flap is about the west coast - never have. Sure they have warm sun. Sure they have an eclectic population. Sure they have access to wine country extraordinaire within 90 mins. of their downtown. Sure they have some neat yarn stores (ArtFibers, Imagiknit, Urban Knitting Studio, etc.) Sure they have one of the best farmer's markets I have ever visited (take a look at those artichokes, baby!)
But we have some of that and other things, too. Check this out: We have the Yarn Bus (

While there, I knitted my fingers to the bone and taught someone dear to me how to knit. That's Olivia in the picture. She's my god-daughter and great niece. She's still a little young to tackle this, but I intend to get her into the fold as soon as her hand/eye coordination and patience catches up with her interest.

While there, I also picked up some very yummy merino for a jacket for my niece (see picture of that stuff - at $27.50 a skein, it's pricey but soothing to work with if not to the pocket.) I also picked up some wonderful "Phyzzy" stuff for a gift for my eldest daughter. She was finally bitten by the Poncho thing - it's not my fault, A knitter's lot is not to question, but to deliver. The pictures are coming - as soon as my fingers catch up with the requests.

And finally, see my picture of the patron saint of weaving and fiber - for me, anyway. I love this picture since it reminds me of how fundamental and important all craft is - as fundamental as love, peace and the intentions of those sent to teach us how to embody those qualities.
Have a good weekend!


Anonymous Katie said...

Have you thought about a knitting nancy for Olivia? I think they're a little more forgiving than knitting needles, and it's harder to drop stitches.

5:20 PM  
Blogger benedetta said...

Olivia looks very keen, I bet she'll learn quickly!
wish i could find some decent artichokes around here...

9:51 PM  

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