Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hats Are Cool!

I love knitting hats - just the way lots of people like to knit socks. They're portable, they're easy, and they're fun. When someone stops you on the bus or subway and asks, "what ya knitting?", you can hold one up and they "get it" immediately. When you knit for a baby, the appreciative comment is always accompanied by a nice round "Oh" sound. The neatest thing of all about hats is that (unlike socks) you only need to knit one of them. (Unless, of course you are knitting for someone like my mean old Aunt Ruth who needed an extra hat for her extra-nasty head.)But I do digress.....

Pictured here is my newest creation: A dainty little number done for a dainty little girl. I have named it Clio, after the newest tenant in our brownstone. Born a scant week ago, it will be a little while before she wears this sweet number, but I had such fun making it that I had to share it with my small band of readers. The hat itself is the standard knitting in the round pattern for hats. The trim idea is cribbed from a neat little knitting book called, Designing Children's Knits (or something close to that. I'm kind of tired or I'd get up and look).

Before that, in the photo line-up, you will find the cover of a Playbill from the musical, The Putnam County Spelling Bee. This charming little show is ending its run off-broadway, but don't despair. It's moving to the "big top" - broadway - where it will continue to work it's magic. If you get the chance, do see it. I guarantee that you'll recognize just about every "kid" in the show. It will take you back in time and as funny as it is, it's also very touching.

They ask for volunteers to participate with the actors. The thought of this normally sends me running in the opposite direction. However, I was a whiz-bang speller in elementary school so I volunteered to be one of the 4 audience participants. Unfortunately, they didn't see my value quite as clearly as I did, so I was not chosen. Nonetheless if you do go, and you do see someone with a clipboard soliciting volunteers, step right up. I guarantee you'll have a ball - and so will the audience. (Just don't tell them you're in marketing -they never pick the wise guys).


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